Fall/Spring Schedule Change Deadlines

Graduate Students and Students-at-Large

The dates and policies below refer to students enrolled in graduate courses in the regular academic session (16-week courses). If you are enrolled in sessions other than the regular academic session, such as summer, you can find specific add/drop deadlines in MyNIU. Dates and tuition refund periods for courses following an abbreviated calendar are prorated based on the duration of the abbreviated term.

You can view the current academic calendar in the Graduate Catalog. You should check your schedule in MyNIU after making or requesting changes. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of your schedule and to report errors with sufficient time for resolution prior to a deadline. You should understand the consequences of any of the actions listed below. Your financial aid, visa status, bursar’s account, assistantship/fellowship, or academic good standing may be affected by any of the actions.


Students can drop using MyNIU through midnight of the self-service drop date shown in MyNIU.


Students may, with approval from the instructor and Graduate School, withdraw from the self-service drop date in MyNIU through the end of the fourteenth week of classes. Withdrawals, which are executed only after the DROP period, require that you initiate the process with your instructor, who must complete a Schedule Change Form. Instructor approval is required and you will be awarded a “WP” or “WF.”


Students may, with approval from the instructor and Graduate School, add through the fourteenth week of classes. Prior to midnight on the fourteenth calendar day of the semester, you may add via MyNIU. If you add a class after that time, you must initiate the process through your instructor, who must complete a Schedule Change Form.

Grading Option

Students may, with the approval of the instructor and Graduate School, change the grading option from “Audit” to “Credit” (or vice versa) through the end of the eighth week of classes. After the start of the semester, changes to the grading option require that you initiate the process through your instructor who must complete a graduate Add/Withdrawal Form which is available in the departmental offices and in the Graduate School.

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